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Property Transactions

  • drafting agreements of sales
  • registration of transfers
  • bond registrations
  • Administration of Estates

Commercial Law

  • close corporations
  • trusts
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   We specialize in these following services:

drafting agreements of sales

A contract for the sale of property is a legally enforceable document that outlines the details and obligations for the sale of a property, including the people involved, purchase price, time frame for the sale, and any exceptions, contingencies and terms of the transfer of ownership.

registration of transfers

Once your Offer to Purchase has been acepted and the Bank has approved your loan, the house then needs to move from the name of the Seller into the name of the Buyer.

bond registrations

Buying a home and registering a bond can be a long and complex process. It helps to know the parties involved and the steps required for bond registration.  

Administration of Estates

Where a person dies leaving a will appointing an executor, and that executor validly disposes of the property of the deceased, then the estate will go to probate. However, if no will is left, or the will is invalid or incomplete in some way, then administrators must be appointed.

formation of companies

Company formation is the term for the process of incorporation of a business. It is also sometimes referred to as company registration. These terms are both also used when incorporating a business. Under SA company law and most international law a company or corporation is considered to be an entity that is separate from the people who own or operate the company.

close corporations

A close corporation is generally a smaller corporation that elects close corporation status and is therefore entitled to operate without the strict formalities normally required in the operation of standard corporations. Many small-business owners find this benefit invaluable. In essence, a close corporation is a corporation whose shareholders and directors are entitled to operate much like a partnership.

Company trusts

A trust company is a corporation, especially a commercial bank, organized to perform the fiduciary of trusts and agencies. It is normally owned by one of three types of structures: an independent partnership, a bank, or a law firm, each of which specializes in being a trustee of various kinds of trusts and in managing estates.

Drafting of wills

Drafting a standard Will is not difficult. Even financial advisers attempt to draft this legal document. The problem comes with the execution thereof, when you are not around to explain what you really wanted. FK Attorneys & Conveyancers have administered deceased estates for decades and we know what can happen when a Will was poorly drafted.

reporting estates to the Masters office

It takes professionals with a sound, working knowledge and expertise in the winding up of Deceased Estates, to guide the process, from reporting the Estate to the Master of the High Court, through the exacting procedures prescribed by law, to final distribution of the Estate to the beneficiaries,  in an efficient, yet empathetic manner.

motor vehicle accident claims

Car accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective and economical, nationwide in South Africa